Tin Backsplash Tiles

Tin backsplash is a product that will gives the look like tin (some made ​​of plastic and some made of real tin). By applying these products that are very affordable, we can change the look of the backsplash in the kitchen or other room in the house. Tin backsplash tiles can be applied in a variety of places that we wanted - whether above the old wallpaper or tiles. Not […]

Plush Carpet Tiles

Talk about plush carpet tiles then we will talk about the people who love to bring comfort to their home or their office. Besides able to provide greater comfort, softness while standing on it is another thing to look for. If we want a plush carpet tiles, then do not hesitate to seek a wide range of related information. The advantages that we can get by applying the plush carpet […]

mosaic green glass tile

Green Glass Tile

Glass tile is one of the elements of interior decoration that is very popular. In addition to glass tile, which is not less popular is the green glass tile. Green glass or recycled glass tile is considered as an innovation that is very beneficial for all parties where we can utilize as much as possible to be wasted glass tiles that we can use to beautify the appearance of the […]

bath tile color ideas

Bath Tile Ideas

If this moment we are looking for bath tile ideas, then we can look it up from now on. There are so many ideas that we can get by doing a search from a variety of sources ranging from books, magazines, the internet, or we might get the idea during a visit to a friend's house and saw their bathroom. As we all know, bath tiles come in various shapes, […]

travertine tile backsplash with white cabinets

Travertine Tile Backsplash

You will enjoy more than just a nice setup with the travertine tile backsplash. The natural sedimentary stone will add more detail in the kitchen or any other potential spot. The texture along with the natural pattern detail will be a good reason for unique interior detail. There is no travertine tile that have same pattern. Once you have it at home, you can give a part of ancient Roman […]

discount white porcelain tile

White Porcelain Tile

The white porcelain tile will let you to get more clean looks for the flooring. This kind of selection will be a perfect way to complete the modern theme at home. Once you finished the porcelain tile installation, you can give the room by taking the darker color detail.  You can take black to give the classic blank and white theme. To get more ideas on this classic idea, watching […]